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Social & Community Participation

At Watu Care, we support participants to be socially inclusive and active community members by creatively matching different activities and community events with a participant’s specific needs.

We facilitate access to a large number of activities, including, but not limited to:



At Watu Care, we are full-service support provider set on helping you achieve your goals. This means we keep this at the forefront when setting up your transport and travel options and will not rest until you get there and back safely.



Watu Care’s respite options are like nothing you have experienced before.

We offer respite options that will enrich your life by providing tailored and memorable experiences outside the home setting.

Our team pride itself on facilitating some of the most unique activities.

We will be there when you or your regular carers need a break.


Innovative Community Participation

Watu Care’s Innovative community participation programs have been purposely designed to help our participants become more involved in social events and community-based activities.

These programs have been carefully designed to improve your personal and professional well-being, and we will support and nurture you to reach your goals whilst fostering your independence.


Supported Independent Living

Are you ready for your own home? Transitioning to independent living is an exciting step and we’re here to make your journey a smooth one!

You and your family know what you need to live as independently as possible, and our team will tailor a plan to get you there – whether that means occasional support to attend appointments, having someone with you full time to help with personal care and medication, or anything in between.

Supported independent living can be provided in Watu Care’s accommodation or in private rentals, giving you the choice of the best home for you and the confidence that we’re with you every step of the way.

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